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Infographics is a way of providing information through animated movies, which aims...

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Mobile Applications

Creating mobile applications for iPhone, Android and Windows phone by client’s.

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Sale of goods through the contact-center including technical infrastructure...

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Bulk SMS

Convenient, quick and reliable method of information exchange that allows launching...

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Marketing surveys using SMS, IVR and USSD technologies that allow to build interactive...

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Development and full technical support of the quiz via SMS and IVR channels as an...

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Voice Services

Bulk Voice Messages — one of the most popular services for direct communication...

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Providing technical solutions and organize campaigns based on mobile marketing.

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Mobile Marketing project for 'Coca-Cola' Company

Mpromo' has provided full technical support for Mobile Marketing project organized by Coca-Cola for Sprite brand named as: Obey yourself! Participants provided with 500 Mb free internet and other valuable prizes.
Campaign was interesting for subscribers of telecommunication companies of Azerbaijan. This suggests that the action took place quite successfully.

Technical support for 'Carlsberg Group' brand 'Xirdalan' - 'Money under the cap!'

Development and full technical support including contact center services provided by "Mpromo" for the advertising campaign - "Find the code under the hood!" Conducted by "Carlsberg Group".

The promo action with Kimberly Clark - 'Wear Huggies and be fashionable!'

Successfully carried out a joint project with Kimberly Clark - "Wear Huggies and be fashionable! ". As a result, it attracted to the product a new wave of consumers among the subscribers of mobile operators in Azerbaijan. During the campaign, consumers received a minutes as a gift and the right to participate in the raffle of grand prize. Registration and informational support were via web site www.huggies-promo.az

Promotion of Emin’s concert and Russian pop stars

"Mpromo" has provided integrated technical support by request of "Beat Group" for advertising campaign that promotes Emin’s concert and Russian pop stars in Baku. One of the concerts will take place on 4th of December 2014 at Crystal Hall and second- an anniversary will held in Moscow at Crocus City Hall on 11th of December 2014. The action with possibility to win free tickets to concerts focused to the subscribers of mobile operators in Azerbaijan. The range of activities included SMS-lottery and IVR-quiz.

The action by Mpromo for the Bonduelle company - "Recipe happy family ..."

Bonduelle company organized an action called "Happy Family Recipes: professional taste on the table and travel with his family to Paris." The purpose of the campaign is to increase consumer’s demand for Bonduelle products. Mpromo helped to realize this idea through mobile technologies that simplified customer’s participation principle. Consumer should find sticker on Bonduelle's product with special code and send it to the short number 8848 and become a party for getting prizes from Phillips.The action started in the 1st December 2014 and will continue until 31st March 2015.

Support the New Year campaign for the brand "Coca-Cola"

Technical implementation of the campaign "Yeni İl" for the brand Coca-Cola made it possible to hold a high-level of lottery win valuable prizes. Protesters have won prizes in the form of a beverage from Coca-Cola, but the biggest excitement caused lottery machines brand Volkswagen Polo. During the campaign customers won 10 cars of this brand.

Mobile Marketing project for PARK CINEMA

For the company PARK CINEMA started and successfully carried out a project on mobile marketing using the services of our Contact Center. Trained customer agents phoned and offered free tickets to sessions in the k/t  PARK CINEMA. The action was aimed at attracting visitors to the cinemas of the country and aroused great interest among the public.

Hot line service for interactive promo campaign “M&M’s Wanted”

At the beginning of June 2016, together with the brand M & Ms was launched SMS-lottery "Find and Win". To participate in the action and be able to win the grand prize - Volkswagen Polo, users had registered services on site www.mmswanted2.com codes from a package or send them to short SMS number 6858. Mpromo provided technical support for the campaign and connect the short number to all mobile operators of the country.

"Hot line" for a new educational project www.700.az

Applicants were able to prepare for the entrance exams without expensive tutors for individual training. Online learning www.700.az guarantee the quality of the educational materials and programs for those who want to gain high scores on college entrance exams country.

Our company provided the contact center, help applicants navigate the information and suggestions on the project www.700.az

Technical and marketing support for lottery "P & G"

In February 2016 Mpromo provided technical and marketing support in holding of the stimulating SMS-lottery called "1 product = 1 chance" for the brand P&G. The idea of campaign motived users of "P&G" products to send codes, which they had found in package, to the short number 2030. From its side, "Mpromo" concluded agreements with all operators of Azerbaijan Republic and elaborated special programs for selection of the winners. Support campaign was maintained by Mpromo during 3 months.

Promo, together with the M & M's brand, has launched a campaign "M & M's Kino"

In February 2016 "Mpromo", together with the brand M&Ms, launched a campaign "M&Ms Kino", where employees of "Mpromo" Hotline had provided participants with all the necessary information about the conditions of the campaign. Diverse brands apply such services in order to publicize customers about the upcoming event and providing the best quality service.

Mpromo provided full technical support for carrying out the stimulating lottery "Xırdalan iç - Xırdalanda ev qazan!" conducted by Carlsberg Azerbaijan. For being the participant in the lottery, you need to register promotional codes under the covers of Khirdalan products on the website www.xirdalanpromo.az which is created by Mpromo. The main prizes of the lottery are three 1-room apartments in Khirdalan city. The campaign started on April 1, 2018, and will last until August 31, 2018.

SMS campaign called "Football Promo" for the brand "Lay's"

At the beginning of May 2016, together with the brand "Lays" Mpromo launched an SMS campaign under the name "Soccer Promo". All participants of the campaign, who found the code in the package and send it to the short number 6868, were provided with a free minute of talking by phone. Mpromo procured the following support: an agreement with all 3-mobile operators, the calculation of free minutes of talk time and elaboration of web-page for holding the campaign www.lays.az, where subscribers could get information about prizes.

Telemarketing services for "Huggies" brand

In early May, jointly with the brand "Huggies" Mpromo launched the service "tele-marketing", which implied ringing round all the young mothers and provision of information about the campaign, which was conducted in clinics and large supermarkets. Young mothers were given coupons for free diapers for their children.

Telemarketing from Mpromo for Formula 1

In early June, with an eye to support of one of the large-scale events in Azerbaijan - Formula 1, Mpromo spent a telemarketing campaign, utilizing contact center of the company. Potential spectators and participants were reported with all the necessary information on holding of the event, which made it possible to bring a great interest to the event.

Information support of Snickers - «Satisfy hunger prize!"

At the beginning of March 2016 a new campaign was launched jointly with the brand "Snickers", which the main idea was to attract as many visitors to "www.snickers25.az" and motive them to participate in the game "Satisfy prize hunger!".

Mpromo provided information support through the contact center. Participants, who had questions or complaints regarding the campaign, could call a special number and ask questions to our operators.



Professionalism and efficiency of Digital Services command operating under the brand...

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Since 2009 we have launched several mobile marketing projects with Digital Services company…

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Thanks to Digital Services team for their creativity, efficiency and flexibility, that they...

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One of the most important points on the way to success is to work with the right company.

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